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General Policy

League Rules

Cornhole Basics & Mini Games

Code of Conduct

Before participating in any events with Alamo City Cornhole each participant must sign and abide by these rules and sign a waiver at the beginning of each year.

  1. I will not engage in unsportsmanlike conduct with any player, participant, official or any other attendee.

  2. I will not engage in any behavior which would endanger the health, safety or well-being of any player, participant, official or other attendee.

  3. I will not use excessive profanity or offensive language.

  4. I will treat every player, participant, official or any other attendee with respect regardless of protected class or ability.

  5. I will not engage in verbal or physical threats, intimidation, or abuse aimed at any player, participant, official, or any other attendee.

  6. I will not encourage any other any other person, to engage in verbal or physical threats, intimidation, or abuse aimed at any player, participant, official or any other attendee.

  7. I will not initiate a fight or scuffle with any player, participant, or any other attendee.

  8. I will not exacerbate, intentionally frustrate, or instigate dissention with any player, participant, official or any other attendee.

  9. I will respect the property, staff, and rules of any establishment in which the event is held.

  10. I will respect the personal property of any other player, participant, official, or any other attendee.

Not abiding by these rules will result in

  • Verbal warning

  • Written warning

  • Suspension from current event

  • Suspension from multiple events

  • Season or multiple season long suspension


  • ​You and your partner may play up in your level of play but may not play down.

  • Highest level of player on team will determine which bracket your whole team will play in. (Advanced player with Competitive player = Advanced Bracket).

  • Bracket play will be random each week.

  • 3 Bracket levels of play

    • Advanced​

    • Competitive

    • Social

  • 7 Weeks for League points and Bracket rankings

  • Week 8 Championship - Social & Competitive Division

  • WEEK 9 Championship - Advanced Division

  • Subs

    • You may bring a sub, but your sub has to be same level of play or lower. (Competitive player asks Advanced player as sub is not allowed)​

    • Points will be awarded per player on team that originally signed up.  Subs do not receive points. (Example: 100 points total for team winning.  Each player receives 50 points. If player 1 does not show up and has sub.  Player 1 receives 50 points and sub receives 0.

    • Subs play for free 

    • Can't use same sub more than once for same team in same season.

    • Subs cannot play in Championship week.

  • If you and partner both miss a week, your team receives 0 points that week.

  • Cost

    • $100 per player for 8 week of play​

    • $80 per player if sign up before or during 1st week.

    • $15 to play if signed up after week 1, until you reach $100.

    • You must pay $100 if you wish to play in Championship week (if sign up after Week 1)

    • If you lose your partner during season, you may get new partner (same or lower skill level or will be forced to move up) but they will have to pay $15 per week till $100.

    • If your partner can't participate in Championship week, you may get new partner, but must be lower skill level and pay $100 before start of night.


    • 70% Payouts​

    • 35% payout to minimum top 3 League winners

    • 35% payout to minimum top 3 bracket winners on Championship week

Switcholio - Rankings

  • 2 Brackets of play A&B Bracket and C&D Bracket

  • 4 rounds of Switcholio

  • Single game Double Elimination after 4 rounds

  • Player Rankings will be determined each week by director and committee

  • Points will be awarded each week for placing in Switcholio AND placing in tournament

  • 7 Weeks of League Play

  • Week 8 A&D & B&C Championship Week

    • Top A players will choose their D player to compete with​

    • Top B players will choose their C player to compete with

    • Double Elimination (single game)

  • Week 9 A&B & C&D Championship Week

    • Top A players will choose their B player to compete with​

    • Top C Players will choose their D player to compete with

    • Double Elimination (single game)


    • 1 point given per player starting with 50 descending to last place​ (Swictholio)

    • 5 points given per team starting with 100 descending to last place (Bracket play)

    • Total points at end of league will determine your choice of player for each playoff


    • $10 per week to play, includes Championship weeks.


    • 70% Payouts​

    • 10% entry gets paid to top team from each bracket weekly basis.

    • 30% entry gets paid Week 8 Championships

    • 30% entry gets paid Week 9 Championships 

Basic Rules

  • Object of cornhole is to be first person or team to reach 21 (no bust rule)​

  • Each player/team gets 4 bags and will alternate in throwing bags to other side of board.

  • To start game to decide who throws first and which team is on what side of board is typically decided with coin toss.  However, if you don't have a coin more commonly known practice is by spinning a bag on the board and wherever the seam is facing is who goes first AND decides what side of board to play on.  OR you may decide who plays against who in doubles.


  • Allowed to bring own set of bags.

  • Tournament bags are 2 sided

    • Slick side and sticky side​

  • If you don't have bags, bags are available for purchase or practice bags.


  • 1 bag on board is 1 point

  • 1 bag in hole is worth 3 points

  • Cancelation scoring - if each person scores 1 point on board, both points are canceled out and no points awarded.

Mini Games

  • $5 per person
  • Starts at 6:45 pm
  • Each person gets 1 bag
  • Points
    • 0 points if bag doesn't go in hole​
    • 1 point if slide bag in hole
    • 2 points if airmail bag in hole
  • If person behind you has more points than you, YOU'RE OUT!
  • 100% Payout
Airmail Pong
  • $5 per person
  • Must sign up before Switcholio starts
  • Top 4 - 8 players ranked after 4 rounds of round robin THAT PAY will get teamed up for competition.
Beer Pong rules
  • Each player gets 1 bag​
  • Each team gets to choose 1 bag
  • Both players will stand on same side and throw 1 bag each (like Beer Pong)
  • If both team members make a shot in same round boxes will get pulled and bags given back to team to shoot again
  • Team that makes in same bucket or 2 different buckets counts as 2 total
  • Can't bounce off bucket into different bucket.
  • 1 Re-rack per game
  • Rebuttal to play out until miss
  • Players can step up to wherever front bucket currently is
  • 100% payout
Airmail Raffle (Fire Shot)
  • $2 per ticket
  • 12 tickets for $20
  • 25% per bag for pot total each week
  • 1 ticket drawn each week
  • Money not won rolls over to next week
  • If winner hits at least 1 shot they are given patch
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